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Thursday, May 20, 2010

umami burger! have you been? if not, then you should def try it! i mean any place that has garlic aioli is a must visit in my book.

i just got back from a mini-2-day-getaway to LA. it was 2 wonderful days spent with wonderful people eating incredible food while hitting up some of my fave spots + some new ones!








after dinner the night was just too beautiful not to make a quick stop at griffith!




and that was just the first night... :]


ashley kitto said...

i love the last one! so gorgeous! can't wait to see the rest. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, your photos are absolutely beautiful! i haven't been to that burger place, but of course, i don't live in LA so there are tons of places i haven't been! i will remember that place the next time i go there! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the night shot of the city and the last one, how did you take that last shot with the bokeh and perfect circles?? are you taking pictures of lights?

tawny. said...

ashley - thank you!! :) i'm posting the rest oh so very soon!

sandy - thanks so much! the last photo is almost exactly like the photo above it, but i just took it completely out of focus with an f-stop of 1.4. so all the pretty lights turned into circles! :)

jennifer young said...

melt in your mouth burgers=delish!!! did you nosh on the portobello burger? i don't think i went to this location...where is this one? i have yet to visit the griffith observatory too! i've seen so many pics from you of the hot spot and am inspired!

have a good weekend tawny!

tawny. said...

hi jen!
i actually didn't try the portobello burger..
i tried the earth burger!
we went to umami urban on N cahuenga, but i want to visit all of them! which one did you go to?
and you MUST go to griffith! its especially beautiful in the winter months when the nights are clear.

are you back from your adventures in china?! i'm soo jealous!!

happy weekend to you too!

jennifer young said...

delish! i honestly don't know which one i went to lol. it was right before a i think it was in hollywood--don't quote me on that though haha. i just remember it was super tiny and there was a really long line!

and yeah i'll have to visit g.o. next time i'm down!
looks so beautiful at night!

i'm in singapore right now til wednesday! yeah i feel really lucky to be out here right was super last minute for me! you should travel here'd love it!

Michelle said...

I have to confess something. I took the picture you took of the view of the city and using it for my desktop picture...=)

jamila said...

tawns, i dont wanna go home. these pics make me wanna stay, stay, stay, and have an awesome job HERE. so we can play, play, play!!!!



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