LA ❤.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

have you ever spent an early morning at the LA flower market? because if you haven't its another must visit spot! i can't believe i've spent so much time in LA and never gone until this week! its incredible! soo much beauty. i had to really stop myself from buying so many amazing plants!







mello left with this super cool tree branch. i want one! 


just a few of the succulents i left with :) def going back for more!!

after browsing {and a little purchasing} the flower market it was time for lunch! so we headed out to west hollywood to enjoy breakfast for lunch at bld.
the food that i got was good, but the dish that mello got {vegan benedict} was amazing! i want to go back just for this dish. 



and since milk was within walking distance from bld we couldn't resist making a quick stop :)






and the icing on the cake was the lakers winning that night :) 6 wins away! 6 wins away!
oh LA how i love you! i'm thinking i might not be able to resist another getaway this weekend :)


ashley said...

i like your style, tawny! sounds like a perfect day to me. now i'm craving milk...

Sandy a la Mode said...

tawny, your photos are absolutely beautiful! i LOVE that first one and the last one of the city! do you post process or use some type of effect to get your images looking soo soft? i'd love to learn!!


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