san diego.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i guess you could say that yesterday was beach day part II. but instead of the OC we headed down to san diego.

our first stop was little italy for lunch. we ate at this little restaurant called vincenzo ristorante italiano. the food was really good and made me want to go back to italy.

after lunch we went to get some gelato, but the place we went to was completely out of gelato for the day. michelle and ed got some fruit stuff that looked pretty good, but i really wanted gelato. unfortunately i couldn't find any anywhere else that i wanted, so mello and i ended up splitting this...

and i also ate canoli. but i was a little disappointed, it wasn't as good as i was hoping it would be.

after eating we headed to coronado to go to the beach. ed spent most of the afternoon sleeping.

michelle, mello and i ended up spending a lot of the afternoon looking for sand dollars. i couldn't believe how many were out on the beach yesterday.

we stayed out on the beach until dinner time. once we started getting hungry again we headed out to oceanside to meet up with elly [our long lost andrews friend] for dinner.

elly took us out to this mexican resturant that had amazing burritos...they were huge!

michelle was the only one who completely finished her entire burrito.

after those burritos we were soo full. so we decided to walk it off by taking a stroll on the pier.

elly almost never smiles in pictures...he finally smiled in one photo, but of course he did it when everyone was looking at him and not the camera.

one of elly's friends caught some really cool looking shark fish things. i'm not really sure what they are, but they look kinda like a mix between sharks and sting rays...

as the sun started going down the light got really pretty. everything was soo nice last night and once again the weather was perfect.

unfortunately the night had to end and we had to go back home sometime...but we had one more unexpected stop...

yougurtland...we couldn't resist. =]

it was good to see you elly. thanks for showing us around. i'm coming back before the summers over!


Edsel said...

I swear i almost exploded that day !!! man i just ate once today and i'm fine...

ellyman3 said...

Oh TAWNY TSUNAMI... The pleasure was all mine! Thanks for visiting my backyard! And yes please do come back. The harbor with a fire pit next time. And why before the summers over~ Your not going back to Boring Springs... ^_^ NEways... Next time i'll "TRY" Smiling more... but come on... what a picture without the silly ness~ Silly Elly i know... Tricks are for kids... But what can i say... i'm a "BIG" kid... NEways... Thanks again for visiting... i'll do my best to head up toward the "heat" pffllleea! Em k buh bye!

- Eli

This is for Edsel


Matthew said...


I'm losing weight. It's true.

You know what that means?

I've been gone for too long.

I'm going to blow up if I go to California; I can feel it in my bones.

It'll be amazing.

Big is the new beautiful.

Matthew said...

I got back from Cafe Gulistan.

We're so going there before Sharon's wedding.

I need real-time pow-wow.

Pray for me, please. I just want happiness, yeah?

Ellenka-spankya is in town!

...more later.



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