el rodeo vs. jose's.

Friday, July 18, 2008

i was looking through my cell phone photos and i came across something interesting...

i always complain about how there is no good mexican food in the midwest and when i'm at andrews i crave it.

can you tell which dish is from michigan and which dish is from california?


Dustin said...

ew what is wrong with that top one? that's disgusting.

José's ftw!

Matthew said...

I watched them on, totally on board.

The bottom one looks delish.



Hurry. So before I watched them clips, I looked for this Danity Kane song on YouTube.

Haha, bad girl, bad girl...

Josh's b-day cake is marvelous. You should bake off with Anna so we can run a bakery in the downstairs portion of our studio, along with a tee company juxtaposed.

Photo/graphic design/post-production/screen printing with be upstairs but of course.


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