happy family.

Friday, July 04, 2008

this evening i went to dinner with my family. we went to this new restaurant that opened near my house called happy family vegetarian restaurant. the food was pretty good...not the most amazing vegetarian chinese food i've ever had, but even so, it was good.

oh and before you judge my photos too harshly...i'm trying something out. for some reason a lot of chinese restaurants put photos of the food in their menus, and they tend to look the same...i tried to recreate that. sort of.

we split spring rolls and 3 other dishes. buddha's feast, some sizzling dish, and some liver and basil dish.

this editing makes photos of people look horrible...but i'm sure if they put photos of the cook in the menu he'd look like this. =]

so did i succeed? do you get the feeling of a chinese restaurant menu? or did i just do a horrible job of editing?

happy 4th of july!


Matthew said...

Liver. Barf. The colors are fun. It needs to be dingier. Speaking of, I peed in a porta-potty today before the fireworks. I didn't wash my hands afterwards. I couldn't! But the fireworks were the most amazing-est things I've ever seen and the most up close. So I remembered that Ammiel is only living with Nunz for the summer. Ellen asked about how you were...I called you right then. But I should sleep soon. I think we're heading to Spanish church tomorrow. I'll call you; I have to share some updates, stat. Yeah, you should come up with a bunch of coloring profiles and such. They're fun. This one should be called Chinese Menu. And Deanna took a funky photo of me. I hope to see it floating online soon. It's dirty. And fun. Peace...

Matthew said...

I. need. to. talk. to. you.

a) work
b) chi-city plan-age
c) life
d) our boutique/bakery/studio
e) life
d) TanYe's Workout Plan


Matthew said...

P.S. - Review:

Matthew said...

This is jewelry I can see you wearing:


Matthew said...

When coming to visit/stay in the cold, cold midwest, these might need to be in order:


Matthew said...

I want to dress like an Ivy League-er, of old.


Wake up, already!

Matthew said...

How's our dear friend Harry?

Ashley said...

wow...I never thought that there would ever be an veggie chinese restaurant!
The pics do resemble a menu though :)

TIP TOP said...

hehe...tawny these really look like the chinese menus. and you're right...people look TERRIBLE!

but on another note...i miss you and you should come to chicago :D


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