beach day!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

for some time now i've been wanting to spend a day at the beach...yesterday, it finally happened.

mello, michelle, ed and i drove out to laguna beach. by the time we got there it was time for lunch. we ended up at royal thai cuisine...the food was some of the best thai food i've had in awhile.

after lunch we crossed the street and walked down to the beach. mello brought along a small beach tent and she wore it as a backpack...doesn't she look really little? =]

michelle spent half the day digging for those little crab bug crawly things...haha. michelle, i think you like those little things a little too much.

while i was taking photos a lady walked up to me and asked if i wanted her to take a photo of all of us. she kept saying, "you guys are just so cute. here lets take another one. aww, you guys are just too cute!" haha. i wonder how old she thought we were...but at least we got a photo together.

after being out on the beach all day i was super hungry. and nothing sounded better then some good 'ol in 'n out.

of course then it was time for dessert. michelle has been telling me about this frozen yogurt place called yogurtland for awhile now. i finally got to try it. it was amazing. i think its my new favorite yogurt place. i couldn't decide on what flavor to, since it is self-serve...i just got some mango, taro, strawberry and pistachio [my favorite].

but right before we went into yogurtland, mello and i found some big fob photobooths.   of course not as amazing as the fob photobooths in rowland heights, but they still were fun. these are two of our photos.

i realized that i don't really have any photos of the yogurt...well we weren't really supposed to take photos inside, maybe thats why. i just don't understand why all these yogurt places don't want you to take photos...
yesterday was another one of those wonderful summer days...i hope it wasn't the last...


Edsel said...

Fricken AWESOME!!!!

Matthew said...

OH-MYlanta! Tawny! I'm jealous. Who does that Michelle think she is? Korean M(atthew)? It's not over yet. Not over until the fat lady saaangs! I want to take some fob photos! There's one at Mitsuwa by my house. Let's go. And what do you eat at IN-N-OUT(and-about)? Cheese and buns and on-i-ons? I like the jumping picture, naturally. The lady should have taken that with all four of you. Mello looks like a turtle. Yurtle the turtle, that's Mello. Mello, my love. End.

Matthew said...

It's a match made in heaven:

Purse + Vinny + green

...and partial proceeds benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council.


Matthew said...

Have I asked you if you heard of Bryanboy, the Filipino fashion bloger extraordinaire?


Matthew said...

Can you buy me this:

We need this:

Matthew said...

I can't stop looking at these:

Photography, that's where it's at.

It's like the perfect balance of technique and fine art.

Also, I can't stop listening to Heidi Montag. Except I've replaced her with Katy Perry.

Gah, I'm a sucker for upbitty-beats.


Matthew said...

Seven is a holy number:


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