eating marathon part I.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i think i've broken the record for the most food i've ever eaten in two consecutive days...

ashley is here visiting! but her trip is short so we had to jam pack all the best eating into two short days. it definitely was a challenge, but i think we handled it well.

first stop: orean express. a completely vegetarian, healthy fast food place.

luckily for me jp introduced me to this place and even talked me into trying the soy soft serve. surprisingly its probably some of the best soft serve i've ever eaten.

the plan was for a cafe called fatty's to be our second stop, but sadly it is closed on mondays.

so our second stop ended up being: cheesecake factory. the only reason we went was to get frozen iced mango drinks and the avocado egg rolls.

third stop: dots for some cupcakes.

of course by this time we all felt like we couldn't possibly eat anymore. but it was just time for a break. a break for some shopping at the americana at brand.

fourth and final stop of the day: the boat for some thai food.

and so that was yesterdays part I of the marathon. check back tomorrow for part II.


Irvin said...

i get hungry reading your blog..


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