Monday, July 05, 2010

how was your freedom weekend?! i had a blast! spent a lot of time in the kitchen to help create a delectable lunch and then proceeded to spend the rest of the day eating!...after which i spent the better half of the night lighting fireworks and sparklers in my backyard!

corn on the cob. hand dipped corn dogs. mom's potato salad. watermelon lemonade




hope you too had an incredible weekend! i have to admit, i'm sad to see it leave!!


jamila said...

aw taaaaaawns! i miss u already! thank jesus for blogs!!!
and that watermelon lemonade. daaangk.
you always make me hungy hungz.
glad your U.S. day was awesome!!!1

Rachel said...

sounds like a wonderful 4th!

Thanks for the link to your watermelon trouble last year, though it still looked very nice and edible!


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