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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i finally, finally, finally was able to make a trip out to paulette, a couple of weeks ago, for some macarons. and honestly i have no idea how i've lived so long without this place! 

a feast for your eyes and belly! not only does this place look amazing, the macarons taste incredible as well! some days i contemplate making the dive out to beverly hills just to get my hands on a box of goodness that these macarons are {yes, they're that good}. 

don't live near LA? fear not! paulette offers online ordering with overnight shipping!!




sicilian pistachio


caramel - one of my faves!


columbian coffee - another one of my faves!


sweet wedding almond




lemon - this one tasted like it had a lemon bar inside!


after filling up on macarons we were off to silverlake for some tea & coffee from intelligentsia.







and finally to complete the day we met up with more friends for dinner at frida... 



enchiladas poblanas - cheese enchiladas dipped in chile chocolate sauce. yes, the chile chocolate sauce is as amazing as it sounds!!


three more places to add to my growing list of things that affirm my love of LA :)


jamila said...

wow and wow!!!!
amazerfully delicious!
that chocolate chile joint looks divine. and the lemon bar macaron made me hungrrry.
yummm. we have some trips to make when i get back!

tawny. said...

yes, please!
just make a list and we'll do it ALL! :)
paulette is def must!

Sandy a la Mode said...

omg those macaroons look soo good! but i have done enough online ordering for the day that i need to restrain myself hehe!! that reminds me, i haven't made macaroons in awhile and the only ones i've made are pistachio ones! i should branch out and make other flavors!!

tawny. said...

hi sandy!
i still haven't tried making macarons as of yet!
but its def on my to do list :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

tawny,thanks for visiting my blog. and wow you want to come to chicago, and your post made me want to come to LA! im gonig to have to see if the macaroon craze has hit chi-town yet. right now we're in full cupcake mode. there are cupcakes shops EVERYWHERE. btw, love your pics - sooo lovely.

abigail said...

my mouth is watering!


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