{incredible} wknd edition.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

after one of the toughest, most stressful, draining & tiring weeks ever i was able to let go and enjoy an incredible weekend! sunday started off with picking up a new toy! :)
then i was off to LA with some dear, dear friends.

i've always loved eating at auntie em's, but i hadn't ever been able to make it for brunch. soo glad i finally did, because it was sooo delicious! auntie em's menu changes with the seasons. so that means that everything tastes soo fresh since its straight from the garden!



caprese scrambled eggs with pesto

heirloom tomates, scrambled eggs & avocado on top of freshly baked ciabatta




then that evening we headed to the hollywood bowl for an amazing concert! hidden in the hills, the hbowl is such an incredible venue & another one of my fave spots in LA!

that night we saw some sweet bands take the sage...the bird and the bee. she & him. the swell season.













needless to say i was all smiles the rest of the night. my summer wouldn't have been considered complete without this outdoor concert at the bowl!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

tawny, all of this looked uuuh-mazing. the food (that guac on that sandwich...mmm!)and of course, that concert looks like a blast. seems like everyone on the west coast was at that concert (according to blog-world). wish i could have gone! happy tuesday.

Matthew said...

Please make that photo of you and Irv as you profile!

I love it.

i love Jay's shirt. He has it in a black version?

Have you ever heard of a Jewish diner in Chi-city called Eleven? Ellen and I had a binge-fest to kick of the wedding weekend! I even got a shirt, courtesy of derby-girl et her meeting w/owner Brad!

I told Ammiel we should go to California. It's more likely I'll feel like a break is necessary now that she's around. She's so speedy. I like.

Keep havin' fun, I'll try to call post-work (Skype w/honey+me) haha

Google said...

Looks like a blast for sure :)

jennifer young said...

you got THE toy!!! woohooo! crazy, has it already been a month?! enjoy it tawny...can't wait to see the crazy cool things you come up with!
lovely pics as always...
what an inspiring night!!!

Allison said...

I'm not going to lie...one thing I miss about So-Cal is LA, the Bowl, and just everything LA!! SF is awesome but it doesn't have the same stuff esp. entertainment! I am living vicariously through you and your seemingly enjoyable summer! Continue to have fun!

ashley said...

love these, tawn! i've been hearing so much about auntie em's lately...must go there soon.

boody said...

sweet blog you got here! nice photography! =)

jamila said...

swell season??? swoon!!


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