let them eat cake.

Monday, October 05, 2009

that is chocolate zucchini cake. and it is delicious! i've made so much zucchini bread the past few months that it was getting kinda ridiculous. i still had one giant summer zucchini left and so i decided to try something new. thus chocolate zucchini cake!

i'd like to say i hand picked that raspberry. but no..its from costco. irv and i did make the cream cheese frosting though.

this recipe is definitely a keeper. sooo moist! here it is. try it for yourself!


jennifer young said...

tawny! that looks incredible!!!

Matthew said...

Is that what's coming to 121-and-a-half West you-know-where Street?!

Yes, yes, yes!

I approve!

And I am not spam.


But yes, looks delicious!

Allison said...

i'm hungry now! thanks to this photo! tawny, you should def. get the books-very very helpful!


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