Thursday, October 29, 2009

the other day irv and i took ella to the sears tower (willis tower?). we went to the sky deck all the way up on the 103rd floor.

we recently bought ella a camera..and its actually a pretty amazing little pink camera. check out the little photog in the making...

they recently put in glass observatory ledges up in the sky deck. ella wasn't scared one bit, she walked out on the glass like it wasn't any different from the carpeted floor. irv on the other hand? it took him awhile and a lot of coaching, but he made it out for a few brief moments.

i want a room like this in my house! if my house was up on the 103rd floor that is. i love it!

afterwards we, of course, ended the day with some boba from joy yee's. i know, i know, we just had it, but its soo good! its hard to stay away :)


Matthew said...

Diva, no.

No, no, no!

Ella is ruining everything! I wanted to go to Willis!

Is she wearing baby Uggs?!

I am so angr...are those iridescent tiles on Joy Yee's


I like Irv's tartan-y Johnny Cupcakes shirt especially paired with his amazing colored shoes.

You love those, don't you? Tiffany's colored and all that.

I saw this on my phone; your hair does make you look older! For the first time I actually believed you were in your twenties? More volume, more wave. Work.



tawny. said...

haha! you can still go to willis. you live close by!
you can go any weekend you want!

they aren't uggs, they're dora..
but they look like uggs in the photos huh?

i like irv's shirt too + i love his shoes.
he loves both too..

yes! i look a little older?
i answered the door today and the guy at the door said to me,
"hi. are your parents home?"
true story.
the end.


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