Monday, October 26, 2009

saturday night was jam jam packed...

OhNo!Doom for an art show, pequods for some deep dish pizza, then joy yee's for some boba.

oh yes, its good to be back in chicago.


Allison said...

Tawny, i'm loving your new hairstyle!! Joy Yee-I stumbled upon that place when I went to Chicago last year and I wouldn't leave! Noodles galore! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

jennifer young said...

your new 'do looks fantastic tawny!!!

Melanie said...

pequods AND joy yee's? i'm so jealous! can't wait to see pictures of ella's sister (or brother haha). eat lots for me! see you guys next week =)

The Sue Chef said...

haha irvin's face. i mean, his facial expression. LOL. sorry irving. ooh your haircut is cool! josh says ill look too fobbish if i do that. now you really look like Anna from Ace of cakes!

tawny. said...

alli - thanks! every time i go to chicago i try to get boba from joy yee's as many times as i can!! they use fresh fruit and its amazing!!

jenn - thank you!

mello - wish you were here! ella has a little sister!! i'll have to post photos and details soon..

anna - i'm sure you wouldn't look like a fob haha. its ok, irv didn't like my hair the first time i did it..josh would jus have to get used to it :)

NUNZ said...

taaaaaaaaaawns dat is a bangin day!
im happy you was in chicago...
St. Alfred pics???
miss you
and your hair looks beautiful tawntawns


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