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Thursday, August 06, 2009

yesterday irv and i went to the oc fair and met up with mello, ann, stephanie, mike and kaela while we were there.

this is what irv and i ate + drank:

1. deep fried oreos
2. chocolate dipped cone
3. veggie corn dogs
4. roasted corn
5. watermelon juice
6. giant funnel cake w/ strawberries

we didn't eat it all at once mind you. somewhere in between we all left the fair and ate dinner at native foods :)


Allison said...

oh the fair is so fun! i still can't believe they had veggie corn dogs! i wish i found those when i went.

tawny. said...

yeah i know! irv was actually the one who saw them. even after we walked up to the booth it took me 5 mins to see the small sign that said try our new veggie corn dogs.

i definitely shouldn't eat any more fried food this month though! haha. have a good weekend!!


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