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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i love being nerdy with him.

i'm off to the east coast tomorrow!! and irv's off to the great midwest! have i packed yet? no, of course not! shhh don't tell irv though, he's been packed since friday! ha :)


iartu said...

thanks for the 'grats tawny!
easssssttttttt! sweet! what state(s)?
have fun be safe!

tawny. said...

i'm gonna be in MD. near DC most of the time and baltimore for a little bit...
wish i was going to boston though.
been itching to go back, i love it there!
can't complain though. at least i'm going somewhere! :)

Michelle said...

Awww...you guys are so cute =) Have a fun and safe trip! See you when you get back! =)

tawny. said...

hi michelle!
thanks michelle! :)

TIP TOP said...

oh man! watchu doin over thata ways? are you going to get to see danny b. and nunzi?!

Allison said...

how exciting! have a fabulous time!

Matthew said...

Pictures! Public ones, please :)

I sent you, Mello, Daniel an anthem from my heart (to my heart).


tawny. said...

vanja - i was visiting family and going to a wedding. yup! i got to see nunz and daniel AND i got to see ammi for just a little bit too :)

allison - thanks! i did have an amazing time! i didn't want to come home!!

matthew - in due time, in due time. i need some time to catch my breath. i've been going nonstop for 2 weeks. i think the little to no sleep thing is starting to work really well for me now. i'm sure it is for you too (seeing as school is starting and all)


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