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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i'm home sweet home! just started unpacking and as soon as i opened my suitcase my room was filled with the smell of my grandma's cooking. i usually hate it when my clothes smell like food, but not tonight. the smell made me want to snap shut my suitcase and jump back on the plane and head straight back to the east coast. i love visiting family that i haven't seen is such a looong time. makes me feel so rejuvenated and inspired! i didn't want to come home!!

but, i do have to admit that i'm glad to be back where its dry (the humidity and i don't get along very well) and where there aren't any mosquitoes (you should see my legs, they were eaten alive!!).

to all my family + friends i left behind, i miss you terribly already. count on me coming back again soon! :)


Allison said...

Welcome home, Tawn! Glad to hear you had a great time. Gotta love vacations!

NUNZ said...

aww beautiful girl... we miss you too!


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