march madness.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

i think that's the best way to explain all that is going to be happening in the coming weeks.

nunz is here right now. i love seeing her! please just move here. i've made some new friends and had more laughs in one day than i've had in a long while.

in a few days some of irv's family is coming. i definitely can't wait to see little ella. we're gonna go to disneyland.

later this week vanja and the boys of garage voice are coming. [i can't wait :]

and then the week after that, last year's spring break road trip buddies are coming out for round two of road trip remix. some members are missing [you will be greatly missed] and some new members are joining in on the fun. [i can't wait for this either :]

it's like one long month of nonstop playing - march madness.

beware. after this month i just may not ever want to go back to working.



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