he needs a name.

Friday, March 27, 2009

my garden gnome needs a name.


AMMIEL said...

hehe did you paint him yourself?

AMMIEL said...
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Matthew said...

GNO-ME (sound it out, NO as in Matthew-no! then ME and in me-me-me-Matthew!

No. Me.

Gnome. I guess you can spell it: Gnomie. You know, like: Tawnie.


Tommy said...

FRANK or how bouts Gerard? the second one is a good french/alps name and you pronounce the G with a soft 'j' sound, like J'adore by Dior...voila

jamila said...

i like tombi's he could totally be french!i could see fran├žios but i think more of Nigel or D'rel. you know name him in extremes. something proper or gangsta nothing in between cuz he's too cool!


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