native foods

Monday, March 09, 2009

irv's family has come and gone. it went by too quickly. we jammed packed so many things into the few days that they were here that i'm exhausted now.

after irv and i picked them up from the airport on wednesday we all ate lunch at native foods. i love everything about this restaurant. the location, the atmosphere, and of course the food.

i got the chicken run ranch burger - "If the chickens ran the ranch! Crispy battered "save the chicken," Ranch dressing, lettuce, carrots, onion." by far, the best veggie chicken i've ever had. i get this almost every time i come.

even though it looks like it in this photo, i promise, ella didn't only eat ketchup :]

afterwards we walked around and took photos there at the camp and then at the lab.

i love these two places and native foods. i'm so glad it stopped raining that afternoon just long enough for us to spend a little time outside.

i still have so many photos from their visit to go through. up next: disneyland.


Erica said...

consider it done!
take me with you next time you go to native foods :o)


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