mango salsa and raspberry frozen yogurt.

Monday, June 23, 2008

to some, grocery shopping may seem like a weekly chore, but to edsel it was something new he had never really done...until friday that is.

after comparing prices and sizes while looking for the best prices we were out of stater brothers in an hour. he desperately wanted some mango salsa and i guess the brands at stater brothers just didn't cut it so we made a quick trip to trader joe's.

of course it was super hot outside and after all that shopping it was time for something cold. mello has been talking about this frozen yogurt place and i've been wanting to try it for was definitely all she said it would be.

the place is called ohana yogurt shop. it is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with lots of toppings. i love that its self serve...that way i can eat as little or as much as i want!

i got some very raspberry frozen yogurt with mangos, strawberries and a few cubes of moochi. it was wonderful...and surprisingly my eyes weren't bigger than my stomach for once...i got just the right amount.


Matthew said...

It means your stomach finally caught up to your eyes.


It's stretchy.


Dustin said...

mm that looks good.

and yes you read my blog, but i live with you.. and if i had anything exciting to tell you i would just tell you lol


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