Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my bagel sandwich really hit the spot for dinner.

now that i'm home i've come to find that i don't enjoy cooking as much when i'm not cooking for a group of my friends...

and yes i'm eating off a laker plate. GO LAKERS!! i want that parade.


Matthew said...

You eat so healthy!

Tawny, I'm hungry all the time still.

My pooch is growing. I'm pregnant.

I'm going to name my fetus Nee as in TA-NEE.


Matthew said...

Tawntawns, Anna made lasagna.

I gave her the too small Shawnimal shirt.

She, I'm afraid, is the new you.

Well, her and Ammiel combined with a healthy dose of Ellen and a little spice that is Nunz. Some skills, that is, Benj/Jesse...and I'm set.

Yeah, it takes that many people to replace you.

But, hey, they're the Tawny upgrade.

Matthew said...

Tawny, I want a puppy. A toy Pomeranian. White.Tetris. I'll name her Tetris...

Matthew said...

Naked is a state of mind.

Matthew said...

I want/lust this:

Matthew said...

I know you always hungry.

Don't front.

The ultimate eater acSEXsory:

Matthew said...

My mother says I didn't lose weight in my face like I usually do. I told her it was because Anna fed me. I weighed myself, but I was lighter than expected. I think my fat goes straight to my belly/face/thighs.

In other news, I want to get an MBA. We'll open up our own boutique in Boston and carry a little Le Grand Cru, a little Harajuku, a little Wee Ninja poo (fine Lonely Dollop)...

How does that sound? Think of names for our collaborative. You better not get pregnant and ditch out on our money-making, life changing ventures.

Yeah, we need to form a band. You can sing lead. I'll play the drums. We'll be horrible. It'll be glorious.


ozzyboy said...

sorry, no parade for tawny.

unless you fly to boston.


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