plastic bags

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

someone showed this to me yesterday...its pretty ridiculous.

this shows 60,000 plastic bags = the number used in the US every 5 seconds!
its 60 x 72"

partial zoom

detail at actual size

isn't it a little scary? maybe we should stop using plastic bags...or at least make them out of something thats actually biodegradable.


Dustin said...

holy cow on a stick..

people need to get those re-usable bags like stater bros has.. and walmart and etc.

Matthew said...

Neither paper nor plastic.


How did you become green? Did you parents teach you?

You are my green sensei.

vanja. said...

YES! i agree...

i just bought this reusable bag from target that zips up to wallet size when you are not using it...go target!

Matthew said...


Do you want the Chanel phone?

If the link doesn't work, Google:

'Chanel Choco Phone'

or 'Fred de Garilhe'


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