chi city

Friday, February 15, 2008

museum of modern ice, ice skating in millennium park, shawnimals and gloomy bear at rotofugi, photobooth pictures at quimby's, and finally deep dish pizza at pequod's. today was the most fun i've had in a long time. =]

there is an exhibit up at millennium park...some guy painted on ice. it looks pretty cool.
then irv and i went ice skating....but actually i was the one who went ice skating, irv was ice slipping. it was definitely a sight to see.

after all that ice skating we were we went to pequod's. irv claims that its the best deep dish pizza ever.

i guess he was right. it was pretty good. now i am extra full, happy, and oh so sleepy. =]


Dustin said...

rotofugi? haha

the painted ice looks pretty cool, and i've always wanted to go ice skating. there's just no freaking ice in southern california to go skating on..

and that pizza looks... extra saucy. i don't know if i would like it

Matthew said...

That. Is. Amazing. Tawn-tawn! I thought the pizza was meat for a second. You have to remember: tomatmos are people, too. Don't hate in 2008! I returned my Baby Milo-esque hoodie. I want to go to the new store! I want! Hope you had fun with basketballin'...


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