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Monday, February 04, 2008

so this weekend was eventful...more eventful than intended...the plan was to go to indianapolis, eat at the old spaghetti factory, then go to conseco fieldhouse to watch the pacers magic game.

one flat tire and one dead battery later we made it to the game halfway into the 2nd quarter. definitely the quietest and emptiest stadium i've ever been to..either way it was fun to pretend to be a pacer fan for a couple of hours. =]
its weird how when you're stuck on the side of the freeway you all of a sudden get really hungry...we finished a can of pringles like it was our last meal.
i taught matthew how to be a basketball fan. this is us pretending to be pacer fans. we're booing! =]
raspberry italian sodas...the perfect ending to a "perfect" night.


Matthew said...

Did you know H&M has a Timberland shirt? I need it. I'm serious. Want to go with me Friday and pick up your true love? We can ship him back with Andrew or something. It'll be great. You and your Chinese. Me and Timmmy (or Timby?)...


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