i'm back from chicago!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

is it really november already?
if you told me it was august i would completely believe you. how is it november?

i have so many adventures from my trip to chicago to share with you, but while i go through all of my photos i'll leave you with a few images from one of my fave restaurants. 

"if it's not our falafel, it's freakin' awful!"

oh how i miss sultan's market when i'm not in chicago. they have the best falafel i've ever had, seriously. 
they've done a lot of remodeling since the last time i was there. 
look at these photos compared to these photos i took 2 yrs ago. 
the next time you're in chicago. go here. it's cheap & delicious. what more could you possibly ask for? 



Becca said...

pretty chevron-striped walls!
and pretty pictures!

in my mind I love falafel.
but what is it?
I don't even know :)

jozen said...

welcome back!! your pics are gorgeous... as usual :)

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i can't wait to go to chicago! i definitely know who to hit up for a must-do list!! can't wait to see more pics!!!


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