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Thursday, November 18, 2010

i'm still a little bit in denial that thanksgiving & christmas are almost here...isn't it crazy?
for the holiday season chronicle books is hosting an incredible giveaway! you can win up to $500 worth of books! all you have to do is follow these steps (they're easy!):

1. make a list of chronicle books valued at up to $500 that you'd like to win
2. post that list on your blog
3. go here and submit your blog into the running (you have until december 10th!)

and you know what else is amazing? if you win, one of your readers that comments on your post will win your list of books too! so comment away!

oh and after you comment on my list head on over to i art u & Cocoa Green and comment on their lists too. they both have pretty sweet lists that i'd love to win!


  1. Plenty || byYotam Ottolenghi
  2. The Glorious Past of Italy || by Domenica Marchetti
  3. From Seed to Skillet || by Jimmy Williams & Susan Heeger
  4. Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey || by Jill O’Connor
  5. Tartine || by Elisabeth Prueitt
  6. Flour || by Joanne Chang w/ Christie Matheson
  7. Pops! || by Krystina Castella
  8. Farm Together Now || by Amy Franceschini & Daniel Tucker
  9. 1000 Designs for the Garden || by Geraldine & Ian Rudge
  10. Lotta Jansdotter’s Handmade Living || by Lotta Jansdotter
  11. Paper + Craft || by Minhee & Truman Cho
  12. Lotta Prints || by Lotta Jansdotter
  13. Open Studios with Lotta Jansdotter || by Lotta Jansdotter
  14. Volume || by Kenneth FitzGerald
  15. Designers’ Identities || by Liz Farrelly
  16. The Printmaking Bible || by Ann d’Arcy Hughes & Hebe Vernon-Morris
  17. A Year of Mornings || by Maria Alexandra Vettese & Stephanie Congdon Barnes
grand total = $493.10! comment away! maybe we'll both win?! if you make a list of your own, let me know!


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

we have such similar taste tawny! i'd love to win your list!!! xo!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you have a great list!!! crossing fingers!! :)

ashley said...

how amazing would this be? i would be equally happy to win your list than to win mine!

bruce said...

yes, please!!

would love to win this.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome list of books!! i'm always on the look out for new ones!! i hope you win and then i win subsequently!! ;)

Matthew said...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

jassy said...

this is ........like.......wow Such an inspiration
win win

Ellen Yun said...

If you won and I won with you I would do the following:

Love all the food books.
Look at all the design books.
Give the design books to Chew.
Make the food in the food books.

Great list Tawns!

Matthew said...

...give all the design books to chew!


I hope you win, e. Because you know I'll be devouring them yummy eats you make then pretend like nothing ever happened and swing on over to tawns!


Donna Joy said...

That's a great assortment of book to read. Love it.

Christa said...

I love your selection of books! Mmmm making me hungry! Hope we win! ;)


Erica said...

this is awesome!! your selection is amazerful :D

katklaw777 said...

Luv your list, especially From Seed to Skillet, 1000 Designs for the Garden and A Year of Mornings. katklaw777 at yahoo dot com
Good luck!

Maia McDonald said...

Oooh I adore your list, crossing my fingers for both of us.

Sugar Butter Baby said...

great list of books! good luck to you... and me ;)

gaby317 said...

Great list - the cookbooks look so good.

This is such a generous giveaway. Thanks for the entry.

gaby317nyc at gmail.com

Sandy Ploy said...

Killer list! I have a couple, but they are all delicious!

Barbara said...

I love your list of books. Lots of great cookbooks!!

TRAN! (www.thinktran.com) said...

Great list!! Good luck!

ncnguyen514 [at] gmail [dot] com

Reniazen said...

Very nice choices- check my list out for another chance to win:)

Best of luck!

Teresa Thomas Bohannon said...

A wonderful list. Eclectic and fun, but very different from the ones I selected See My List Here. I would absolutely love to win either one.

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, this is a great list. Good luck.

Jamie said...

I like your list! Check out mine HERE!

kris said...

I have been coveting many of these books - best of luck!

Chris said...

Great picks!

We have a few in common:

Desiree said...

love your list!!!!!

SAB said...

Great list of cooking/baking books! I bet you can't wait to dig in and start reaping the rewards of the recipes. Thanks for sharing and come check me out at Saffron & Semper Fi www.wwwssfi.blogspot.com

ivana said...

your list is definitely right up my alley! i hope we win! :)

ivana | loveardently.com

moonsword said...

great list! best of luck!

Haylee said...

Wow please win! I seriously think I would cry if I won all these books!


Joanne said...

What a great list of books!


sewspun said...

REally good list. I have a couple of the same in mine, Good Luck!

jaxiejax said...

From Seed to Skillet is on my list too. Jimmy Williams had a book signing in Hollwood in November at AMMO restaurant where they served his recipes. Awesome.
Here's a video about the book.
Let's win. Go to my post too at jaxiejax.com

jaxiejax said...

Oh, here's the Seed to Skillet short video link:

jcamp2020 said...

Nice choice of books. Let's wish us both alot of luck! And Thank You to Chronicle books!

jcamp2020 at aol dot com

love the craft books!

My name means Wisdom said...

I love all the cookbooks and that last gardening book!

Lily said...

Fabulous choices, especially the printmaking book!
Lilyhoot at gmail dot com

Jax said...

You have some great craft and cook books on your list. Good luck.

nfmgirl said...

Yes! I love cookbooks!

nfmgirl AT gmail dOT com


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