cloud 9.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

"snow ice is a delicious frozen treat that can be described as a cross between ice cream & shaved ice. it has a fluffy texture much like cotton candy, but melts like creamy ice cream."


have you ever had snow ice? or even heard of it?
because i hadn't until i came across cloud 9.
once i found out it was in chicago i had to go.

irv & i tried mango snow w/ strawberry & mango sauce and chocolate snow w/ strawberry sauce.
and you know what? the texture really is like cotton candy, frozen cotton candy that is!


Becca said...

what's in it, do you know?
I've never heard of snow ice before.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

never heard of this! and its in chicago?! say whaaat! it looks delish though.

we really should meet up one day and explore the world of food. im game!

NUNZ said...

i wanna eat dis !
i know i dont really like ice cream + in fact am lactose intolerant so im not even supposed too... but i want dat texture in my mouth !


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