serendipity3 lv.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

to me the word serendipity brings to mind only one thing - frrrozen hot chocolate :)

even though i've only been once, i have so many memories in serendipity3 nyc! so once i was told that there is now one in vegas i couldn't stay away!

its true, while in vegas retro bakery wasn't the only stop we made.
this trip to serendipity i ate dinner in addition to dessert. the veggie burger was delightfully delicious! the mac and cheese on the other hand was sorely disappointing.








"an indulgent concoction blending 20 different kinds of chocolate into an icy, rich cocoa flavor"

as if retro bakery + slidin' thru didn't give me enough reasons to go back to vegas, serendipity3 is yet another reason to add to my growing list. 


jennifer young said...

tawny these are fantastic! i'm loving the colors of these photos. i must visit when i'm in lv! thanks for sharing!

jennifer young said...

didn't know s3 existed in lv until your post! THANK YOU. i've wanted a frozen hot chocolate for years and the ny one was closed bc of a rat infestation when i was there last. ha! i finally got my fix. and it exceeded my expectations!

so glad i got to see you this weekend.
you've been in my heart.
sending a lot of love your way tawny...


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