the griddle.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

breakfast for lunch is definitely one of my favorite things. actually breakfast anytime of the day is one of my favorite things! it hasn't always been that way, but irv's love of breakfast has slowly been rubbing off on me. 

we took a quick little trip out to LA today and it included a stop at the griddle cafe - a place that we've been trying to visit for over a month now and we finally made it! 

banana nana pancakes. brow-sugar baked bananas cooked inside a buttermilk batter. 


baked potato omelet. loaded w/ griddle potatoes, sour cream and scallions.  



the portions here are definitely sized for sharing! even after we were finished stuffing our faces, irv's banana pancakes looked as if they had barely been touched! griddle cafe is one of those places that requires more than just one visit. anyone wanna join in next time? 


AMMIEL said...

oh, tawns! this looks so fantastic...can we go there when i visit? hehehe

miss you!

jennifer young said...

yes, please! :)


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