on a roof.

Friday, April 23, 2010

i'm happier than usual that this week is coming to an end. i'm tired. physically, mentally & emotionally.
two of my family members were hospitalized this week. my brother, who is still there (dustin can you come home already?! i just might be missing you :) and my grandpa who was discharged today - he's so far away and i hate that i can't go visit him. both are going to be ok, but prayers are always greatly appreciated!

on a happier note i leave you with some photos i took with my phone of a photo shoot from this week. chet & i were up on a roof shooting a building across the street from us. lighting the building at night was such a big job that i called irv and he came and helped out.

happy friday! i hope your weekend is relaxing! i know i need it after this week.




jennifer young said...

hey how are your bro and gpa doing? said a little prayer for them!

did you make it to ULA this past wknd? i was planning to and then a birthday campout came up! :) hoping to make it to the winter show!

tawny. said...

thanks so much for the prayers!
my gpa had a stroke and was discharged on friday
thankfully he's recovering quickly!
my bro is still in the hosp unfortunately.
hoping to be discharged on thurs?
def would be the best bday gift!

i did make it out to ULA!
resisted buying everything i wanted!
had a lot of fun, as always! :)
i absolutely LOVE the photos
from the bday campout, by the way!

jennifer young said...

was your brother discharged!? hope so.

it may have been a good thing i didn't go to ULA...i'm always soooo tempted to buy everything. was the oh snap booth hoppin'?!

and thanks for the photo compliments!
means a lot coming from a PRO like you!!!

happy birthday sweets!!!

tawny. said...

yes! he was! this afternoon!
thanks again for the prayers!
they're very MUCH appreciated!

the oh snap booth was amazing as always!
a blue convertible out for a lazy sunday drive :)

thanks again for the sweet bday wishes!
you're too kind!!


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