v-grill + griffith.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i had a wonderfully LONG weekend that felt REALLY short!
a dear friend was visiting from AU, so of course an amazing time was had!
a trip to LAX to pick up a friend wouldn't be complete without a stop at veggie grill!

after a satisfying lunch and a looong drive in traffic, the rest of the evening was spent at griffith observatory. def one of my fave spots in LA during the clear winter months. i could spend all day + night there!!

and that was just friday! there is still more to come!! ;)


AMMIEL said...

tawns! debby came and visited? how cuteee (:

i like the last two pictures a lot. they're bomb!

i miss you, and i always get excited when you come up on my reader (: (: (:

jennifer young said...

sooooo glad you're posting again! beautiful post tawny! heard you got a new cam cam (now i am jealous of THAT! haha)


tawny. said...

amms! you should come visit too!
when you get back to the US of A of course.
just make a stop in LA on your way to MI ;)
and those last 2 are my fave too.
the photo of irv i think is my fave i've taken of him. EVER.

jenn! thanks! i love to know ppl enjoy reading!
i bought the cam for myself as a christmas gift.
you should too! its INCREDIBLE :)

jennifer young said...

haha in due time. so excited for you!


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