Friday, February 19, 2010

lately i can't eat enough oranges!! happy weekend! sooo glad is friday :)


Matthew said...

I love how this photo gradually snaps into focus. Unless that's just my shod Internet connection.

The photo of Debs in your previous post, Korean mom outfit! I love it. It's very: let's go exercise! She just needs one of those visors with the super, super long bill!

It's weird when I see pictures of Pat on your blog. I keep thinking: when I drive "home" I'll see him. Except home is now elsewhere. And roomie and now else-one.

I wanna play with your dog! Tawny, are those India pants? I was in Dave's office and saw you in something other than skinny jeans. Then bam you're in some cargo-y olive green number.

What's happening to you (guys)? I want to be in this photo. I'd be wearing wool shorts. And Uggs. And a cardigan. And possibly, possibly Tawny, an umbrella for shade.

And stealin' Debs' stunna-shades!



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