bulan + milk.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

continuing with the weekend...

the plan was to spend the whole afternoon at the LA street food fest and eat our hearts out. unfortunately thousands of other people had the same exact plan. SO we didn't make it in. i was heart broken, but my sadness was quickly forgotten as soon as i remembered bulan {fave} was close by!

if you haven't been yet i highly recommend you go. even if you're not vegetarian, i'm sure you'll find something there to love!

i always say, a delicious meal isn't complete unless its followed up with delicious dessert...so off to milk we went {another fave}.

oh LA how i love you! i'll be back soon.
i'll never be able to say it enough, but incredible food with the dearest of friends will always warm my heart!!

if you look closely at the last photo you can spot a sneak peak of one of my latest creations. its my pride and joy right now. do you see it??! ;)


jennifer young said...

your milk pics are fantastic!
(oh how i am so fond of that place:)

this is an inspiring post!
my fave is the pic of the bv+ cakes!!!! (drooling)
secondly i like the jp+jas pic (so fond of them!!!)
thirdly the individual drink/cupcake pics.
(i guess i am quite fond of them all haha)

you're looking so good too!
is it the BAG?!
i hear you're making some killer stuff!

love to you!

Matthew said...

It's the GBoy pouchette?! Studded? Glam-amor! Gimme, gimme more! XOXO (or just XXX).

I love that you're in your posts. Make sure you do that...all the time. I was going to say more frequently. But, alas, no. I want you in your posts always.

I'll e-mail you later...or call.

I'm in withdrawal. Melanie. Tawny. Irv.


tawny. said...

jenn! THANKS!
your words mean so much to me,
you don't even know! :)!
and yes it is the bag!
i'm hoping to show off some of my creations soon..
i'd love it if they were considered killer ;)

matchew! its amazing theres a photo of me huh?
especially since you weren't there to take it!
irv says hi.
come visit please. we miss you.

ashley kitto said...

hey tawny! i don't know if we've ever officially met (i know u thru deej!) just stumbled onto your blog after i noticed your name before mine on the oh hello, friend package exchange! :) love your pics.
love, love milk. seems as though we have very similar interests!

tawny. said...

i don't know why we haven't met yet?!
seems that we have many friends in common..
i've seen you on jenn's blog + deej is always telling
me how we have so much in common! :)
i've been following you blog and i have to say i agree!
i say we track down deej and all have lunch together.
whata you say? :)

Anonymous said...

wow these are some great pictures, did you take them yourself? what camera are you using?? i love the milk, cake and cupcake photos!! can you tell i have dessert on my mind?? btw, did you make that bag?? if so, that's awesome! i want to see more pictures of it!


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