you guessed it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

well actually vanja and jenn guessed it!...
and now the mystery is solved! i'm growing watermelon!! ❤ i've never grown it before so we'll see if any melons even grow. i'm just happy that the seed sprouted and that its gotten this big! i have 3 plants, only one of them has flowered, but nothing has come of the flowers - yet. keep your fingers crossed..hopefully i'll be able to post pics of tiny budding melons oh so very soon :)


iartu said...

mystery solved!
nothing like some good anticipation!
i wish upon you BIG and JUICY watermelons!
have a good weekend tawny!

TIP TOP said...

yay! i'm trying to grow watermelon as well, but it's growing a lot slower than yours :( i think it doesn't have enough sun or something, good luck with yours! mmm...watermelon

tawny. said...

thanks to both of you for playing my guessing game!

vanja, my watermelon was growing sooo slooowly in the beginning and now they're just taking off. good luck with yours as well!

TIP TOP said...

i've been thinking about raspberry picking with you guys the WHOLE time i've been here! and there are so many other fruits to pick as well...blueberries, cherries...mmm


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