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Monday, July 13, 2009

i think i ate too much this weekend. given the circumstances, it was a good thing.

first, lunch at milk. it really turned into more of a dessert fest as opposed to lunch. i had enough self control to eat my food first though...well, after my mint chocolate crunch shake that is.

please don't judge, but while i was there - in addition to my shake - i tried a red velvet popper, a moonpie, a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar and the blue velvet cake :)

apparently i was overly excited because the ice cream bar was the only one that was photographed...

and for dinner?...thai food, family style with friends. one of my faves for sure :)

in between eating we spent a few hours at the renegade craft fair. i met some amazing people and came home with some wonderful stuff. we also stopped by a korean market and now my kitchen is filled with lots of korean goodies.

i can safely say it was a great weekend!


AMMIEL said...

oh, man! renegade! i love when that comes around...take pictures of what you bought!

jennifer said...

tawny! your weekend sounded fab!
i wanted to go to renegade soooo bad but was in a wedding in napa! i agree with ammiel, let's see what you got!!!
how were all the other desserts @ milk? i only tried the bvc and was STUFFED. glad you had fun this wknd :)!

lacgoo said...

haha mmMmm..

tawny. said...

amms - i <3 the renegade too! maybe i will take photos of what i bought.

jenn - a wedding in napa sounds wonderful! can't wait to see photos. i've been absolutely LOVING your half frames lately. where did you ever find that camera? i've been looking for one, but all the ones i find are super expensive. the desserts @ milk were amazing. except the ss ice cream bar wasn't that great - too rich for me. i can't wait to go back! there are so many things i want to try :)

anna - hi! hows ohio? :)

iartu said...

tawny! i got my HF cam at a flea market! 8 bucks--quite a steal! have you looked on ebay? i've seen a few on there. mine is currently on loan to mr. ben blood. can't wait to see what that thing can do in the hands of a guy like him!
i've only been to milk once but i'm ready for round 2!
hava gooood one!


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