mrs. fields.

Monday, July 27, 2009

just finished baking 50 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. now to sit down and enjoy them with a bowl of ice cream.


jysez said...

I'll trade some jylos jam for some oatmeal chocolate chip tawnkies

TIP TOP said...

mmmmm....those are the best!

btw when i was in chicago i went to i cream and it was SO so good :)

but i still didn't get to go rasberry picking :(

tawny. said...

jael - yea! let's trade! i wanna come over some time and hang out with you guys. dinner? let's cook!

vanja - icream is soo cool huh? i wanna go back. we need to be in mi at the same time next year so we can go raspberry picking. i keep thinking about it!

jysez said...

yes! yes! yes! when?


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