k town.

Monday, November 16, 2009

saturday afternoon was one filled with all things korea..with michelle as our tour guide.

all you can eat korean bbq at cham soot gol.

then we were off to cafe-t for dessert.

and finally, just to confirm that we were stuffed, we made one last stop for more dessert.

when she wants you to eat something, you eat it - no matter how full you are.

:) mMm..i'm happy, satisfied and full just thinking about this weekend..


Allison said...

This post makes me want to go out and get some bibimbap! Would you recommend it from here?
Hope you're having a good week Tawny!

tawny. said...

i thought it was really good!
i'm not a bibimbap connoisseur or anything.
but i'm guessing the bbq is really good.
michelles really picky with her korean food and thats one of her favorite places.

plus they have all you can eat ice cream!
its in the back and you scoop it yourself!
that right there is enough incentive to go i think :)


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