oh happy day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i got my camera fixed today! turns out not much was wrong with it. the screws on the lens had come loose and were preventing me from removing it from the camera body. easy fix! and it didn't cost a thing!

i developed 5 rolls of film today. 2 of those rolls were from my trip to india - from 3 yrs ago! i recently found them. the other 3 rolls are from my supersampler - taken over a yr ago! i'm amazed. i love finding old rolls of undeveloped film.

i can't wait to scan them. anyone have an amazing scanner i could use? or know of where i can get film scanned?

i also went to mitsuwa with mello today. it's amazing there. i mean anywhere that sells seaweed flakes shaped like hello kitty's head is going to be amazing.



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