Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the last time i was in chicago (way back in october) i noticed a new ice cream place being built. it didn't really seem all that special and at the time, i didn't really think too much of it. then last month j.cupcakes visited this place while he was in chicago and wrote about it on his blog, you can read about j.cupcakes experience here if you'd like. once i read his post i knew i had to go...

this one-of-a-kind ice cream place is called iCream.

what makes iCream so unique is the fact that they make whatever you order from scratch right in front of you. yes, thats right, they use liquid nitrogen and and blend the ingredients together to create your ice cream/yogurt/sorbet right on the spot! amazing, i know.

i made hazelnut ice cream with nutella and it was delicious. irene got mango sorbet that was just as wonderful.

(they even use biodegradable/compostable containers :)

there are so many choices and different combinations to try that i can't help but go back! :)


Matthew said...

Anna was mentioning this on Mother's Day, I think. And Ammiel today as well! Debbie make cream puffs. I have a feeling she's the one. She's the candidate. And she's getting hooked on Brothers & Sisters! It's the best of ALL worlds! Food. Fashion. Fun.

I want to talk to you. I want to eat with you. Where are you, 'lipoon?


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