happy bday, matchew!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

friday marked matthew's 24th birthday. yup, its true, hes an old one. to celebrate we went to eat dinner at clementine's in st. joe.

i think matthew and anna smile exactly the same.

irv really wanted onion rings...so we ended up getting a 12 inch stack. look at matthew stuffing his face in the background haha.

mello...you were here celebrating with us in spirit. haha. matthew got your text and did exactly what you told him to do...he ate lots of cake and ice cream.

i have no idea whats going on here...but apparently we heart you, matthew.

matthew through the years...

hope u had a happy birthday, matchew! =]


Matthew said...

I owe you, tawntawns. I had good fun this weekend. My only gripe is that now I am fatter than an otter. But then, I mean, I guess it's in preparation for hibernation? Sleep well, the-nose-whistler's-accomplice...

ozzyboy said...

it was matthew's birthday? no wonder he looked so old!

the next time you see matt tell him to go buy more domos for me. drew needs to do some surgery! (he'll know what i mean)


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