Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i'm a little behind on my weekend posts...this past weekend was full of fruit!

after church irv, matthew, andrew and i ate breakfast for lunch at hopper's. i've come to realize that hopper's is one of those places that i miss...not because the food is super amazing, but its just one of those places. there aren't any small town breakfast places back at home, especially ones that have the option of stripples instead bacon and prosage links instead sausage links.

after hopper's it was time to go fruit picking! the plan was just to go to pick peaches...but by the time the day was over we picked more than just peaches.

on our way to start picking peaches.

of course irv couldn't wait...he just had to try the first one he picked.

irv, andrew and i did all the picking...matthew just watched and took pictures.

this is posed. he was pretending to pick that peach.

andrew, you look a little scared of matthew.

kinda looks like we picked more than we ate huh? really though...we picked a lot of peaches!

matthew could barely hold all of them...

after peaches we went to pick some plums and nectarines...the plums didn't look that great. i think irv got bored.

and finally...our last stop was to pick raspberries.

once again matthew didn't pick anything. those are my raspberries hes posing with...

i'm definitely going pick some more raspberries this week. they're super good and i know i ate as many as i picked if not more than what i picked. =]

thanks andrew for letting me steal your photos and thanks matchew for taking so many're learning... 


Edsel said...

thats pretty tight!


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