truckit fest.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a new food truck festival is in town! 

truckit fest's grand opening was this past sunday at LA's union station. if you missed it, don't worry!
because . . . truckit fest will be happening every first sunday of the month. exciting right?! 

there were a total of 36 trucks parked & ready to serve up all kinds of food, desserts & drinks!
even though i went there starving, i was still unable to eat everything that i wanted to! 

as you can see there are tons of other trucks i still need to try. see you there next month?



NUNZ said...

yuuuuuummmm so coool !
beauitful imagery homie
i want dat curly potatoe :)
when will it be my turn to do LA wit you + banksy <3

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i was hoping you would post on this! love these images and looks like so much fun. i'll def. have to check it out sometime. we should meet up!

have fun in chicago tawny!

oh and omg that tornado potato?!?!?! fave image..

Sandy a la Mode said...

tawny!! i was just in LA but i left before the truckit fest! i did go to the friday night truck fest at abbot kinney with old friends tho! i took pics but they are horrible cuz it was dark out boo!!! i wish i stayed for this fest!!

△▾christine▴▽ said...

yyyyyyyaaahhhhh. photos that leave me awe... always! i believe it's the tones that get me. yum yum yum. i love fresh fries! which sauce did you try??
i was going to attend this but was a little fretful of the crowd. were the lines a long wait? maybe i'll see you at the next one! ;] i acutally went out art walk tonight in downtown. it gets really crowded late at night so the wait for some trucks is foreverrr sometimes.

jassy said...

that looks yummy
you find the best foods haha

jamila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jamila said...

oh my word! both the pics and da food look so tasty!
do you think heaven will be lined with infinite trucks of food and pitless stomachs as we praise!?!?!

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