rain. rain. rain . . .

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the weather in southern california has been insane! 
it's been raining and until today, it literally has NOT stopped since last friday.
today was the first time i saw the sun in 6 days, that's just craziness. 

my friend mike posted some photos of what roads have been like here in socal...
check them out! i think you'll be blown away. 

the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow. 
i plan on spending the entire day outside, soaking up some much needed sunshine!


*when the sun finally did decide to make an appearance this afternoon it was beautiful!
look at those hills! they're finally turning green!


Erica said...

them green hills get me every time!!! makes me miss cali... i cant believe the rain though!!! wow...

jassy said...

Beautiful photos. Yes im sick of this dark weather. Saw some pics from my friends in loma.....it was muddy everywhere

Sandy a la Mode said...

whoa that pine tree photo is sooo awesome!! i did hear you guys got soo much rain but it cleared up by now right? hope you had a merry christmas!!!


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