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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

irv and i got our last minute dose of christmas via a trip to disneyland on sunday..
the last of the christmas lights were put away today and now christmas is completely out of my system. i am officially ready to face the new year head on!!


Matthew said...

I'm not used to this new-blog-every-time-I-visit! I've learned to keep my expectations low so as not to be disappointed. And now, I'm getting back into refresh-refresh-refresh! Fresh! Your hair is curly and looks healthy. That's a hard combo, good job. I still think you should wear a hairband and some contacts and some purple eyeshadow. Irv looks little. Feed that Chinese of yours!

Matthew said...

Isn't it strange how we blog more when we're handicapped? Finals week? Get-yo-blog-on! Internet down?! Blog every day! I love it. Triumph through adversary, yes we can.

Dream big for 2kxxx!

Matthew said...

*Is it adversity?

Matthew said...

I'm eating a big bowl of bibimbap.
And salad.
And salisbury steak.
And mac and cheese.
And humus.
Orange juice.

I'm inhaling.

I think Justin gets worried sometimes I don't eat. The secret: I eat three dinners.

Nom. Cubed.

tawny. said...

oh. boy. annnd YOU'RE BACK!
welcome back chewchew.
glad you've found your way.

thanks! i actually love my hair for once :)
irv will be happy you said that.
its the angle. remember that.
photos from up thin you.
photos from below enlarge you.

you're super right.
i blogged the most while i was in school.
not sleeping + consumed with projects = blog blog blog!


tawny. said...

oh. no.
you posted that last one before i had the chance to post my response!

glad you're eating.
its a little late for you though.
hope you didn't work too hard.
send that dvd please.

Matthew said...

Don't be concerned all five comments are from me. Good blogging should be rewarded with comments. My comments are rewards. I'm glad we've established that. Me. Mine. Comments. Rewards.

Good job, little buddy!

Irvin Manuel said...

are you sure Christmas is out of your system? i think you're forgetting something, "12 days of giveaways"..

Matthew said...



oh. em. gee.

How dare you drop the e-bomb?

I want to dance with her.

I want her to shower me with gifts.

I want to be friends with Portia!

I want to walk their couple dog for free ninty-nine!

Shower me with gifts, Ellen.

Ellen + Portia.

Tawny + Irvy!




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