Monday, December 14, 2009

our christmas tree this year is definitely one of my favorite trees...i've named him doug. yes, i know, he's not a douglas fir, but doug just seemed to fit for some reason.
i just spent most of the evening listening to christmas music and wrapping up a bunch of gifts. is christmas really already coming next week?! i feel like i still have soo much to do!

in the spirit of all things christmas...jenn is hosting a wish list giveaway! go on over and join in on the fun! share your fave thing about winter and you just might win something off your christmas wish list! sounds like so much fun, i just might want to host a giveaway of my own! ;)


jennifer young said...

tawny, doug is adorable!

thanks for spreadin' the word to0.
i think a lot of people are being shy though! o wells :) now you have a better chance!

i hope you host a giveaway teehee

thanks for the inspiration.


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