lovely package exchange.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

a few months ago i participated in a lovely package exchange put on by danni of the blog oh, hello friend.

i got paired with the perfect partner! meet amanda! she's also a photographer and she lives in socal (you can count on a meet-up sometime in our future - hopefully sooner rather than later!). check out her photography website here and her blog here.

i haven't had the time to photograph what she sent me. so i'm going to use the images amanda took (i hope you don't mind! :) plus i think her photographs make my packaging look better than it was in real life! if you want to read her post about our exchange click here.

here's what i sent to amanda:
  1. a heart brooch, hand sewn by me
  2. a cute bowl from anthropology
  3. hair pins from anthropology
  4. a postcard of one of my supersampler images
  5. pomegranate white tea - her favorite
  6. butterfly hair clips

here's some of what amanda sent to me:
  1. an amazing handmade journal she made
  2. camera sticker from redvelvetart
  3. adorable print from rosiemusic
  4. greeting cards from simplesong (i've been eyeing these!)
  5. bubble post-its
  6. air plant from pigeontoe
  7. polaroid album from lindseydee

thank you amanda! i absolutely love everything!

so next time danni hosts an exchange i recommend you join! you'll get to give + get some lovely packaged gifts and you may even make a new friend in the process :)



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