Tuesday, June 23, 2009

doesn't exactly sound like the name of a restaurant where i'd find a lot to eat and in reality i guess there are only a few items on the menu i would eat, but oinkster is a place i'd like to experience again.

i didn't know until we got there, but apparently guy fieri - from the food network - just recently paid oinkster a visit and left his mark on one of the doors. so i'm guessing you should be on the look out for this place on an upcoming episode of diners drive-ins and dives.

oinkster boasts that its a place for "slow fast food". the homemade thousand island dressing on my veggie burger was pretty good. actually all of their sauces were really good, my favorite was definitely the roasted garlic aioli - one can never have too much garlic! :) oh and the fries were some of the best i've ever had.

you'd never guess, but that shake on the right is an ube shake! unexpected right? let me tell you, it was amazing. i'll probably be dreaming about it tonight. :)


ES said...

I just ate at Oinkster on Sunday. It was second option to The Bucket, which was closed. Never been to either, but heard they were good. I thought the pastrami was good, but not worth the price. I think maybe they up'd the price since Guy ate there. I dunno.

I like your blog, your photos are great, too!


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